FuelBot Team 30 May, 2020

5 ways Robotics can boost STEM Learning

The acronym STEM stands for the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education is the learning of these STEM subjects through an integrated approach; one that offers hands-on and relevant learning experiences. Robotics and STEM are pretty interconnected and can stimulate each other! Wondering how? Here are 5 reasons behind it:

Robotics is engaging

Learning should always be engaging, especially STEM learning and Robotics is a great tool for that, if not the best! Robotics are an amazing way for students to experiment and enjoy the learning in a more interactive and fun way. Finding something that will effectively cause engagement in your students isn’t an easy task, but robotics are here to help. Big time.

Robotics is incredibly fun

We know it is extremely important to make our classes fun and appealing to our students and Robotics is here for the rescue! Along with being engaging, it also adds the fun-factor to STEM learning. Children can learn how to program their robots, and then, be amused with the extraordinary things their robots can do. There are even cyber robotics competitions they can participate in, so we can guarantee the students that the fun-factor in the learning process will be there!

Robotics is scalable

Robotics is a superb way to assure a scalable curriculum. There is always something else to learn, and some new content to teach. While teaching robotics within our STEM class, there will always be something amazing to introduce to our students. Sensors, motors, pieces, controllers, etc. You will always have something to talk about, and many different ways to connect it to your STEM class. In robotics, you can talk about and also apply not just science, technology, engineering and math but also arts, creativity, and many more.

Robotics is inclusive

We are convinced that robotics in STEM learning can enable classes to implement inclusiveness. When talking about a subject that is so interdisciplinary, we are talking about a subject in which every student will find something to do while learning it. Robotics can offer our students many possibilities to develop 21st-century skills and abilities for the future they decide for themselves. In a way, robotics can offer them a new way of thinking that will be useful regardless of the career path they pick. Fuelbot, for example, is a great example of how robotics and inclusivity can be on the same page, always. How? By allowing every student to have their very own virtual robot and program it from wherever, and whenever. May the bot be with them!

Robotics is affordable

Some years ago, Robotics was expensive and inaccessible and it wasn’t easy for every classroom to own a number of robotics kits so all students could experiment with hardware. But, want to hear some good news? All of this is a thing of the past! Today, all students can have the experience of learning and programming their very own virtual robots, and of experiencing the world of robotics with just simple internet connection. Startups like Fuelbot abridge this divide and make this possible, understanding the importance of inclusiveness, and comprehending that making robotics affordable will only put us all closer to a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow. A tomorrow where everyone will have the same possibilities to strengthen their toolset and skills.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll to Fuelbot and begin your journey of STEM learning and Robotics!