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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

A great platform where we educate and mentor kids of all ages to make Robotics and AI easy-to-learn for them.

Natural Language Processing

The interactions between computers and human language made simple, especially learning how to program computers systematically.

Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition

Processing and analysing visual information and images along with discovering patterns in all kinds of data in a methodical way.

Sequential Data Analytics

Learning to use sequential data processing, to determine which behavioral sequences occur at differing rates.


Professional Services

We promise to deliver the best quality education of Robotics and AI and to maintain the highest level of proficiency.


Safe & Security

Safeguarding your account information is our utmost responsibility and we have all the safety protocols in place. eg: using encryption and authentication standards like TLS and SSL.

Artificial intelligence in industry

AI is extensively used for industrial automation nowadays, especially to manufacture more efficient and safer equipments in these industries.

The self driving car

The transport industry can highly benefit from AI and Robotics, as we’ve seen in the case of Self-driving cars and technology used to decrease accidents and road fatalities.

Machine learning in healthcare

AI and Robotics have highly contributed to the Healthcare sector by providing faster service, diagnosing issues and analyzing data related to genetic information in a super effective way, for instance, amputated legs and hands greatly help disabled people.

Robotics involved in entertainment

In the Entertainment industry, AI can be used in diverse aspects such as marketing, designing, and visual media. It can also come up with algorithms that can predict a movie's success just by analyzing its script.

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